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A man wrongfully alleged to be a ‘cannibal man’ in Manipur was reunited with his beloved family on Thursday by Kangpokpi police after identifying his whereabouts and identity.

The reunion of the man with his family will not only solve the problem of the family but more importantly the panic and disturbing situation of the people of Manipur in particular Kangpokpi district owing to the WhatsApp borne fake news/rumors of the existence of child lifters and the wrongful allegation of the man being a cannibal.

Soyam Indrajit Singh (26), son of Soyam Rajen Singh and Soyam Henbi Devi of Sairemkhul Kangdabi Leikai in Imphal West District was arrested by villagers of Ichaigojang in Saikul Sub Division on suspicion of being a child lifter at around 9:30 pm in the village.

The identification of Soyam Indrajit Singh and handing him over to his family obviously proved that he is not a cannibal but it was found that he is a mentally unsound person.

WhatsApp borne fake news/rumors of child lifters has been wildly doing rounds in social media nowadays which created panic and alert in the area compelling the villagers to suspect Soyam Indrajit Singh who was found in an odd hour at the village.

Later, on the particular night another person was detained by villager of Champhai in Saikul Sub Division under Sagolmang Police Station at similar timing on the same ground.

Both were handed over to Kuki Inpi Saikul gamkai the next morning who were later brought to RIMS hospital by Saikul police for medical treatment and it was where they were unfortunately said to be a cannibal man alleging of killing children and eating their organs.

However, Kangpokpi police had been trying hard to ascertain the identities of the duo and ultimately succeeded in identifying Soyam Indrajit Singh after which he was handed over to his family at their residence in Sairemkhul Kangdabi Leikai in Imphal West district.

The other person who was detained by Champhai villagers was handed over to Sagolmang Police Station for identification and further inquiry.

In this connection, SP Kangpokpi had earlier clarified that the duo taken into protective custody by Saikul Police Station are not cannibals and so far no complaint has been lodged in this regard by any person neither has any group come forward with any material in this regard.

He also said that they were beaten up by locals on suspicions of being child lifters and they are now in protective custody and undergoing treatment while further clarifying that any case of cannibals or cannibalism has not come up.

He had further said that instead of sensationalizing the issue and victimizing the victims in media, it is our responsibility to protect and look after their welfare and whatever mental state they might be in they are still members of our society and be given humane treatment as such.

The SP also urges all CSO and responsible people to advise the locals not to resort to mob justice while conveying that no organization can keep people in custody for any reason as it is a criminal offence and appeal to abide by the law being a responsible people.

Meanwhile, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi district while considering the alarming rate of suspected child lifters rumors doing rounds in social media and in order to avoid cases of mistaken identity had earlier informed the general public of Kangpokpi not to deal with such cases directly but make proper detention.

It also urges the people to inform Kuki Inpi or KSO Sadar Hills immediately if any detention of such suspected persons.

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